Liza Zaldivar

Liza Zaldivar

Liza Zaldivar

Country: United States
Themes explored: Cultural identity exploration, Latinx American experience


Liza is a fine artist from Houston, Texas currently residing in Mexico City. 

Through painting, sculpture, video, object art and audiovisual production, Liza’s work is based on the cultural identity of Latinx Americans and how this relationship affects culture in the US. She addresses the feelings of oppression, what is lost in our bodies through assimilation or aspiration to white supremacy and how we can transform suffering into hope. 

In the summer of 2019, she traveled through Mexico to paint a series of commemorative murals in memory of the 283 people who passed away crossing the border in 2018. She has gone on to launch an audiovisual archive entitled “Reverse Assimilation,” which consists of a series of interviews that examine the decolonization of Chicanx identity.

Her latest works explore tension, in her body and in her being – “my body is stretched, oppressed, hurt, permanently in transition;” “it is necessary to free my body from this tension in order to have a new possibility of being and being in this world. The good thing is that disobedience is born in our bodies.” She believes we need to transform to a new system that listens and preserves the voices of those who have been silenced, hiding their dreams and ambitions. She works to restore the dignity of her roots.

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