Javiera da Fonseca

Javiera da Fonseca

Country: Chile
Themes explored: Colorful realities, holistic influences, sensory exploration, spiritual landscapes, unity with nature


For Javiera, born in Chile and living in Tulum, “art is a channel that brings us close to life’s source and to ourselves as spiritual beings.” For her, the landscape is not painted as a backdrop or an external universe but as an intermediary between the earthly and the dreamlike. Unlike the classic concept of landscape painting, Javiera’s work lies in her approach through observation and sensory exploration. Her paintings depict natural landscapes we share, but even when observing side by side, we perceive individually based on the spirit, intimacy and memory of the observer. 

She views nature as being in unity, and as an extension of who we are: “we often see it as something external, but in reality, nature is a part of ourselves.” Therefore, with nature as the main protagonist, she “seeks to connect us to a higher state of consciousness where we can experience unity.” Through her use of neon and pastel acrylic paints, she broadens the spectrum of color normally perceived, “inviting us to appreciate reality from a new viewpoint and reinterpret existing landscapes, making us more awake and aware.”  She has drawn on influences from healing ceremonies, sound, or ancestral medicines, as well as disciplines like chi kung, which fundamentally moves the flow of energies to connect the viewer with their surroundings in a different way.

Having graduated in Visual Arts from Universidad de Chile, Javiera has held solo exhibitions at Galería Loot, Galería 123 and Casa Equis all in Mexico City and exhibited extensively across North America, from New York to Palm Beach Miami via Toronto and Vancouver.

Works by this artist