Gabriela Mendizábal

Gabriela Mendizábal

Country: Mexico
Themes explored: Rituals of gesture


The theme of Gabriela’s work is linked to rituals of gesture and pigment. Her paintings are strange bacchanals, and the world they depict exists between mysterious surfaces and the vastness revealed by them.

Energies and moods traverse her canvases and twist into compositions of wavering discord. Lines, like impulses, materialize and dissolve, overflowing and erasing spaciousness. Her brushstrokes float, stain, push, pull, and hurl, emerging and tearing successively. Harmony and discord arise from the same gestures, embodying a document that emulates the emotional, like a kind of ecstatic holism, in the face of which, the observer might be dismayed, wondering if things like emptiness and boundaries truly exist.

Works by this artist