Arturo Gallego (Mi Valedor)

Arturo Gallego (Mi Valedor)


Arturo is an artist associated with Mi Valedor. Mi Valedor is an organization dedicated to caring for individuals facing social exclusion. Through robust support networks and discrimination-free community environments, Mi Valedor actively promotes coexistence and social integration.

Operating in Mexico City, Mi Valedor extends support to any adult facing homelessness, job precariousness, unemployment, eviction, forced migration, or social exclusion due to factors such as age, gender, or physical disability. The organization offers a variety of workshops encompassing art, to enhance creative capabilities, as well as finance, physical education, and personal development. These workshops aim to equip participants with essential tools for effective social and employment reintegration.

To date, the Mi Valedor team has successfully assisted over 3,000 individuals and conducted more than 520 educational workshops. We are thrilled to collaborate with them and to be be representing the artists from their program. All payments go directly to the artists.

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