Alejandra Mijares

Alejandra Mijares

Country: Mexico
Themes explored: Cosmic landscapes, flora and fauna exploration


Alejandra is a Mexican painter living and working in Milan, Italy. She has always held a fascination with life beyond earth and other worlds (her dog is named Galileo Galilei), imagining what else there is out there, how life would be and how landscapes would be. Many of her works therefore explore landscapes and animals, insects, minerals, plants and stones.

When starting a piece, Alejandra begins with a loose idea, plays with the elements she has, changes her color palette throughout the process and sees where the painting goes – “the painting makes itself.” While her paintings carry the soul or essence of her thoughts, she believes that they become something else and have a life of their own. Alejandra doesn’t like to tell people what to think or feel about them, preferring people to get exactly what they want from them.

Alejandra has lived in New York and Geneva and exhibited her work in Mexico City, the UK, Italy and France.

Works by this artist